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2019 Foal Season

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

We always love this time of year, lots of foal watching and precious new arrivals!

This year we are looking forward to foal from these crosses:

Basilio CS x Kandy Apal Red RCF (Born 2/20/2019, Chestnut filly, Portia RCF)

Vitorio TO x Midori RCF (Born 3/13/2019, Bay Filly, Voilà RCF)

Basilio CS x Cirque Du Soleil BF (Full sibling to El Rey Magnum, due May 2019)

Apalo x Aijzaah RCA (2/25/2019, Bay Filly, Chynaah RCF)

Devon x Magica VBF (Half-Arabian/Friesian foal due May 2019)

Devon x Phoebe (Purebred Friesian foal due May 2019)

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